RENDERING PROJECTS LUKE KRATSIOS SHOWREEL 2024 Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: MXUZBDDNTSTOUTUQ

Bamboo Box

ARCHITECTURE BAMBOO BOX This project introduces a novel bamboo construction method that relies on simple connections, facilitating the production of mass-customizable, low-impact shell structures capable of accommodating a broad spectrum of intricate surface curvatures. The project demonstrates a fabrication process that leverages material behavior, computerized manufacturing, and computational logic to reduce material waste in the […]

Relevant Work ScaleAI

Scale AI Product DesignerRelevant Work This is a collection of projects that I believe to be most relevant to the position.  Feel free to also browse my full site: PROJECT 1: BLENDER OMNIVERSE EXTENSION Blender Omniverse Extension Blender Omniverse Extension Developed and integrated features for Blender-Omniverse Extension. This shipped software is a Blender plugin designed […]


ARCHITECTURE PROJECTS DRAGON DAY 2019 Head of design and Construction Member of leadership team that designed and constructed 70-foot mobilized articulating dragon “Every year in March, in a tradition that goes back more than 100 years, an enormous dragon created by first-year architecture students parades across campus. Accompanied by AAP students in outrageous costumes, the […]


DESIGN PROJECTS BALANCE Playful conglomerate of welded car parts GALLERY


DESIGN PROJECTS 81% Steel framed concrete sculpture GALLERY

Blender-Omniverse Extension

DESIGN PROJECTS BLENDER-OMNIVERSE EXTENSION Official Nvidia-Blender Extension: find it here The Blender Omniverse Extension is a Blender plugin designed to allow for seamless transfer/conversion of object and scene data from Blender native formats to those supported by the USD (Universal Scene Description) file format. This includes: mesh/particle system/material reformatting, texture baking, animation baking, scene optimization, […]


DESIGN PROJECTS TEXTURaiZER Prototype UI for AI based design plugin for Rhino 3D Current means of texturing digital objects are either heavily time consuming or limit creativity. Selecting from pre-installed libraries to auto-wrap textures produces results that are boring, out of scale, and out of touch with the architecture being designed. This inadequacy of our […]


DESIGN PROJECTS PIVOT DESIGN LEAD OF 8 MEMBER TEAM: Awarded most Innovative game design After a hyper-dimensional cataclysm occurs in an underground lab, the once 3D world can only be perceived in two dimensions. Help Dr. Axel Turner pivot his way through a cross-dimensional maze one slice at a time to restore depth to the […]